Avatars & Builds

Not only does Virtual Handhold, LLC understand and consult for human/computer interface psychology but we actually do builds and avatar creation in virtual worlds.

It is sometimes difficult but essential to have people fully immersed for experiential learning. To do that a person needs to identify with their pixelated representation. So we will take a picture they offer and replicate their appearance into an avatar form that will give a professional appearance and a brief instruction as how to access the environment and change outfits.

Ph.D Student conversion

Second Life Avatar for Educational Research have replicated historical figures to use for role play and demonstrative purposes.

Professor Replication

The Cost in Second Life is $25 worth of Lindens in the avatar account for purchases and $30 to Virtual Handhold for the creation.

Special Environments Created

Custom creation of the environment needed for your research or special areas to inspire certain interactions.

OpenSim Construction

Creating things from Scratch can be very time consuming in new worlds.

Booths & Displays for Virtual Conferences

When you are trying to get people to read and engage multiple different methods and learning styles need to be incorporated.

Guest Lecturer for your Instructors or Students

Save on travel but have full engagement, call Pamala Clift to lecture to your group on avatar perceptions answering questions as if present while talking to the group from within a virtual world.