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Business101 Podcast#39 With Pamala Clift

Pamala Clift was invited by Peter Brusso to come discuss the small business usage of social media and virtual worlds and to talk about her book "Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships" The discuss...

Business101 Podcast#39 With

Pamala Clift

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Business101 Podcast#39 With Pamala Clift

When your company needs "handholding" through technology transitions, such as orientation, Agile/Scrum methodology transitions or anything where the psychology of trustworthiness & support will aid the acceptance of change, then call Virtual Handhold. We assist at a very gentle price the psychology to help your people accept company transitions.

We meet with upper management down through the worker bees which will make life move forward to smooth transitions and without heavy resistance. Striving to match and smooth the "water-cooler" social component to the official culture.

  • Orientation training new software acceptance & computer human psychology
  • Public speaking
  • Education assistance with online training classes & tools
  • Group facilitation expert
  • Project Management
  • Research assistance for virtual world understanding.
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner
  • Distributed team solutions using online 3D and other technologies

Contact: [email protected] for consulting rates.

Skype ID: pamalaclift  

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Member of Agile Alliance & SCRUM Alliance, personal

coach, SCRUM Product Owner

My internet persona has always been my avatar/pen name Pamala Clift which is just the folder name for my online characteristics and expertise,but for those of you that are stuck on generic real world names it is Patricia Murphy.

Virtual Handhold, LLC

A virtual world consultant focusing on virtual perceptions, connecting online with the online cultural integration that will add to the ROI in company's public perception and positive name recognition.