Virtual Handhold, LLC Human/Computer Interface Psychology for Education

There is an increased NEED for alternatives to deliver effective education amid budget cuts. All are searching for a way to expand availability, speed and effectiveness of learning. Online educational research has proven that great memory retention occurs with experiential learning within virtual worlds and immersive social contacts.

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I have met with many professors and instructors on this quest currently using web-based educational tools, from WebCT, Angel, Blackboard etc. to 3D enviroments like SpotOn3d, OpenSim platforms, Second Life and all those in the middle.

I have been helping graduate students with their research and building in Second Life and OpenSim while discovering in the process, additional proven components.

Speaking to university distant learning departments and helping professors bring their classes into three dimensions creating lectures and presentations to explain technology transitions and software orientation, avatar perceptions and all the complexities for computer human psychology in a conversational and easy to manner.

Pamala has been quoted in multiple research papers as a resource for educational transistion and assistance. One example: (See Interview 22)

Due to multiple requests for citing I have put up my presentation slides for my "State of Being" lecture and my "Computer Mediated Group Facilitation in Voice" lecture.

Please feel free to contact me. My email [email protected] should you wish a consultation.

I have received grants from the government to assist in exploring memory retention possibilites with the use of the more experiential learning components of 3D environments.

Pamala Clift does building in Second Life not just to build a building or an environment, but with the understanding of how that will be incorporated into the memory of the student, providing a more experiential learning environment than just a classroom.

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Below are a few links to machinimas on YouTube that show some of the interactions I have filmed and assisted in their development.

Helped design, create & film a working enviroment for learning Agile.

Designed the Agile Hopscotch for fast effective team meetings.

Assisted in planning and facilitating an in-world conference.(didnt film)

Graduate elearning course on computer based training methods.

Created a Social method for engagement in World Studies

Rockcliffe University Consortium offers assistance to Educators

Observing Inner Wisdom's Delight University of Western Australia's request to answer the query "Seeking Wisdom"

This was created as a proof of concept for a teen orientation island proposal into a working world for NIOSH (National Institute of 

Occupational Safety & Health)

Teen Orientation Island's Cafe Bumbles

If you want handholding through the complexities of 3D Pamala Clift of Virtual Handhold, LLC can do your educational consulting online and assist your curriculum conversion for more experiential learning.