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Nature vs #MeToo

Pamala Clift: Posted on Saturday, October 06, 2018

11:01 AM

We are all trying to get closer to nature with our food and work-life balance. We understand that fighting nature is a huge uphill battle.

We seek forest walks, the vistas over water or mountains all contribute to a validation of our place on this spinning globe.

Now if we truly value nature and seek to understand our place. There are some very valuable facts.

Men are physically stronger than women. That is a fact, not speculation.

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We also know that nature does some major changes in both male and female children toward that horrible state known as teenagers. Arrgh!

Knowing that completely controlling this state of our human growth isn't probable. Hormones surge and wain as teenagers try to figure out who they are.

This was obvious enough in our courts that criminal offenses done before turning 18 are not considered part of your adult record.

Now we have the #MeToo movement saying a man is guilty vs memories from a hormonal female about a hormonal male doing teenager stuff that was not even a crime had he been an adult? Sigh.

This is what I would like to have as a take away from this whole crazy episode. Females are rabbits. Males are coyotes.

Everyone should teach their daughters that they need to brace for males as a possibly uncontrollable force of nature. Just like not jumping off a mountain ledge. You don't hold gravity responsible for your damage?

Young males are coyotes. Not because they choose this, but because nature knows that if a rabbit runs, the coyote will chase. Education can possibly slow this, but we can not count on it.

As women we should know entering this stage of life needs to be prepared for as a battle. We don't dress to raise that hormonal tidal wave and increase our possibility of natures trumping cultural restrains.

We don't go putting ourselves in the lair of the coyotes (especially with inhibition-lowering components such as drugs and alcohol) and expect to come out unscathed.

I'm all for the #MeToo movement within reason. I have, and my daughters have been violated wrongly because we are females. We are rabbits and we live amid coyotes. I hate being the victim because I am not the physically stronger gender.

Men using their power of position to take advantage or forcefully gratifying their needs on the weaker sex, needs to be curtailed. But we women need to help. It isn't ALL their fault.

If the rabbit didn't run, the coyote most likely wouldn't have chased.

We need to be aware of our environment and the natural world we exist in, and not blindly think we have a fairy God Mother who will make everything ok.

Islam puts the fault that men's hormones run wild all on women. They should be curtailed from being seen so that this hormonal interruption does not redirect their energies. Most of us can see how wrong that view point is...

So we have the pendulum now going the other way with the #MeToo movement. It is all on the men to master their hormones.

Ok, gals... you master your monthly cycle right now... stop crying, stop feeling the way you feel. Your irrational around this time of the month. STOP it!

If your a thinking person you can see that is not likely going to happen. Mostly because during that time of the month THINKING is not the dominate component. The same thing goes for guys.

This is the natural world we live in. We are animals of this construct. We need to help each other deal with things that are outside our cultural norms and conflict with natural impulses.

Do your best to not blame just one side.

We are all on this journey together!



Reality Reply

Pamala Clift: Posted on Tuesday, September 04, 2018

11:37 AM

I watched a wonderful presentation between a physicist and a Buddhist over reality. I enjoy these discussions but HATE not being able to contribute or question. So I will use my blog to enter my contributions.

First the physicists made a wonderful observation that we see reality in layers and those layers do not separate those observations of existence but nest. They all have truth. The chair is composed of atoms and wood. It is a part of a stage design currently, part of the auditorium’s inventory etc. All those layers are still just one part of the story of the chair.

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The thing that irritates me is when he claims he doesn’t know all but then jumps to …”Because I know ALL the forces of nature, there is no life after death.” Wait a second…what happened to I don’t know all?

When a person dies the physicists sees all the particles as deteriorating and concludes "that is all the person is".

The Buddhist replies that observing the observer should be as intensely studied as any other tool the scientific community uses, which science fails to do.

I must go simply go to my metaphor. A square desk top computer is a solid, dissectible, physical thing. When there is no energy going thru it we are left with just particles. You can claim you know all the circuits, all the components and how they integrate with each other but you don’t know three important things.

1. What software will be on it and will that software work? (the consciousness)

2. Was the purpose of the box designed to run the software? Or just be a collection of components. (the body)

3. Who or what thought it necessary to design a box? (intent or creator)

Matter is observable. Energy is partially observable, but only if we are able to create a machine that we properly calibrate and agree on a measurement language that science can document.

Partially observable, is the key. Functioning instrument language is the ONLY thing that we can use. If we don’t have that instrument, than the energy does NOT exist? Can anyone actually claim with any surety that something does NOT exist? That is a falsity in logic, until you “know all” which no one has ever claimed, you can’t know something is Not.

A behavior psychologist asked a question of the presenters about the duality of a person before a stroke and the totally different person that may exist after a stroke. I respond that a part of the computer box can break down, there can be glitches in the software, but that does not separate the box running that software from having the experience, nor does it preclude it from running only one piece of software.

Anyway, no one listens to me, but I believe just the creation of the thought pattern puts it in the human accessible database. It now will easier to tap into that information once the correlation has been made. Maybe I have expanded consciousness.

Anyway, that’s my story.

May you enjoy the journey of your software and delight in your ability to modify that story.



Zombie Apocalypse Escape?

May 2, 2016

Facebook, at times, has been enlightening, although dismally so...

Someone showed a video which was an experiment. He went walking around getting signatures to help Hillary banish the Bill of Rights!

People willingly giving up their freedoms and identity as a human and becoming just a cog of the elitism system... It blew me away.

We are brain dead zombies these days believing in "staying in the box". Zombies looking for entertainment and satiation, not introspection or contemplation. But WHO is handing us "the box"? We do what we are are told. "Sit, Rover, Sit". We might just be given a biscuit from the elites. *tongue lolling out, panting*

We have given over our power to this OTHER, they are supposed to be smarter than ourselves. They are not. They are just self interest people the same as us, with less ethics, but they got born in the right place at the right time with connections to other elites.

They have learned to manipulate the monetary system. Create a tax free charitable organization with a good name that is suppose to be doing good things. Get money from lots of well intentioned people and then use the power of this financial backing to get their way, pay their own bills out of the funds and do a smidgen of what they claim.

Buy a congressman and have their other business get the public tax money in contracts so they can further their own ends. Make sure this method is not available to others. Have the government declare it is a law so that only 'they' get paid, but are not held responsible for doing anything that they are being paid to do.

Have education teach the laws that will be most beneficial to the owners of the corporations and preach to the students to only follow those laws that are created for the good of the elites. Then no one should question.

Pretend that anyone who learns what they want them to learn will get ahead. In reality just program the masses to do what they are told by giving them the illusion of possible advancement. To make sure they are kept inline in case they do question, charge exorbitant amounts to pay for this training so they will forever be enslaved to banks with no way of escape....for LIFE. That ought to keep the masses inline.

Contracts are no longer a two way street. They are committing an individual to a corporation. The third paragraph most often states. We reserve the right to change these rules at anytime. Does that go for the people who sign them... NO. Only the corporation can change the contract.

I am getting tired trying to help people take their power back and think. The zombies have bought into an illusion that no longer exists, but awakening them with the red pill is too painful, so ...

My journey will be focusing on me. I am getting my Zombie Apocalypse house and am going to try to make my escape. I may or may not make it, but I am going to be using my energies for me and not for the great OTHER.

This may be my last post on this blog. The internet is also being taken over by those who can monitor, manipulate, rank and create their own rules, laws and condemnations.

It is my greatest hope and desire that this blog series has helped or inspired a few people, that consciousness is not totally dead, and that some heroes will arise and take on the cause.

May you find the value in yourself without the external illusion and create for yourself a path that enlightens your dreams and inspires your existence.

May you enjoy the journey.


The Roadside Philosopher


The Game of Plausible Deniability

March 13, 2017

It saddens me when it takes sooo much work to help people understand and see "The forest for the trees."This is a critical skill, especially in today's political roller coaster with perceptional "fake news".

You have all heard me say my one phrase of wisdom I have learned in my life. "We do not Live for Reality; We live for our fantasies....Enjoy Yours!"

I am about to lay out some words that hopefully will not offend on a topic that perfectly displays the title of this blog. "The Game of Plausible Deniability". The subject matter I will use to illustrate it is Ultrasounds on fetus.

I was chastised at work for congratulating a patient for choosing NOT to have an ultrasound. I mentioned how mental problems like ADHD and Aspergers seem to have a direct correlation to its use. Well that got me reamed by the corporation, when the patient had miscommunicated, and she had gotten one. She then decided to make me the bad guy for sharing with her that information since it made her feel bad, so she gave the place a bad review. Hmmm...

The corporation claimed for every negative research I found they could find something that disproved it. Ok let's go through this step-by-step.

1. Follow the Money: This is always the first thing in the search for truth.

How many horrible occurrences have happened because a drug or procedure was claimed safe and rendered to women only to have the difficulty be shown later in births or children?

Corporations follow the cigarette campaign steps of plausible deniability.

First-claim it is safe

Second-claim there is not enough valid research and make no effort to research their own product.

Third-if demands for data increase, hire scientists to manipulate results (since they are paying for the data it comes out as they desire—I have witnessed this process first hand. Not by all though).

Fourth- then as data and results can no longer be denied, express their concern that they got different information and still claim no fault due to ignorance and avoid prosecution.

This is a normal spin situation that is a well-known corporate methodology. Keep the product in the market as long as it can receive a profit.

2. On the other hand….There is NO advantage to any researcher to report a white paper that goes contrary to convention. It has hurt many scientist, as they get black-balled, since the money for their research comes from either the corporations directly or Federal funds that also are used to validate the status quo.

It is definitely a horrible occurrence for researchers to have scientific proof of something that they have tested and retested but then have their research squashed because a large corporation goes with the plausible deniability game.

Corporations have the money to move their search results to the top of Google. They have the money to hire the less scrupled scientists. They can pay to flood the search results with ? opinions to push down the real white paper research.

I personally met one of the PhD students that worked on one of these many studies as he expressed his deep-seated belief that their research was valid and families were being denied the correct information due to suppression from “Those with money.”

His heart was sincere and his desire to get the word out was painfully apparent with his only motivation being altruistic.

3. What Science Is: Scientific method is simply putting out a hypothesis and then testing it. Control groups...blind control groups all sorts of ways to test. But can anyone TEST with a control group how much an ultrasound diminishes IQ or mental agility?

To do that you need two exact same subjects. Meaning two exact same mothers with the exact same child, one uses ultrasound and one that does not. Later test the IQ and mental agility of each child. ...And you would have to do that multiple times to get sufficient data to validate.

Well that can't happen. So there can NOT be any real validating evidence saying that it is safe. All that can be done is say, "Well I am sure it is safe. Look at the cute picture."

The only way that it can be used is blindly throwing the product out into the world and then AFTER the FACT, correlate data. That is what my PhD student and his mentor had done. It was definitely statistically relevant beyond speculation. But instead it was squashed.

The entire population of the world is being used as the experiment, and they are still trying to deny it.

4. What IS Ultrasound? It vibrates and heats so that it can be photographed. It sends the sound waves and receives the echoing waves.

We have a fetus that is growing at phenomenal rates with cells splitting and dividing and restructuring into a complex human being. Then we stir up this process at What point in time? How many new functions are growing, splitting and configuring just at that moment?

I'm thinking scrambled eggs here...

Yet vanity, lack of research and greed leads us to pretty pictures... and there you have the society of today. Make it look pretty, play the game of plausible deniability and do whatever you wish to extract money.

5. BTW there is research with mice now that says they have used control groups and have seen deterioration in the mice that had undergone ultrasound, but we are still getting our pretty pictures and we are still getting children with less mental capability. The poor parents that have an Asperger child are drained of all resources, but you still won't see any give from the corporations. Even some of the ultrasound associations say that they can not claim that no harm will happen and discourage use unless medically needed.

Maybe I am cynical or maybe I am a realist... You choose.

Please just be aware of your journey and turn no decision over to the masses, corporations or politics. They all have something to hide, gain or manipulate.

For my political friends. One side is boisterous and doesn't think about the consequences of what they say... The other side has mastered the subtleties, but BOTH manipulate. They are living their fantasy, as are we all.

Be conscience of your decisions, not compulsively following.

Enjoy the journey.



I'm back!   

Trump Grandparent Disease

June 6, 2017

You know how it is with new grandparents?

"Oh, Look how cute he is!", "Isn't that adorable when he drools like that?", "Oh he ate his peas for the first time today."... on and on they go about every fart, movement, or owie.

Everyone can only take so much of listening to every success, failure or boo boo the new baby has just done. We all try to find something else to do, or appointment we suddenly need to attend to get away from another rendition of bodily activities of their new arrival.

Well that would seem somewhat logical if it was the Republicans chanting on and on about their winner... but it is not so.

Democrats have become Trump Grandparents spewing out every little body movement, belch, conjecture of intent... "Oh, he is so going to be the worse (fill in negative expectorant here)." I have to listen on the news every possible conjecture about the new addition to our government. They are publicity overloading Trump. HE doesn't matter. What happens with our country's laws and their impact does.

What is worse is I can't even go on social media to see what my friends are doing without getting opinions on every movement, stance and speculation about their darling little fart.

Keeping constant awareness of the "new arrivals" next body-bowel movement is NOT NEWS, NOT desired and of no value.

The best thing for the USA is to talk about the issues and not the joker figure that symbolizes worse fears.

When did we get so figure centric that "The Person" not what is happening becomes our major topic. What does that say about us as a citizenry? Are we only capable of talking about Entertainment? Superficialities are the ONLY thing we can focus on?

Great Minds Discuss Ideas; Average Minds Discuss Events; Small Minds Discuss People (A quote often attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt). The bottom line is this pretty much labels correctly where are thoughts are and the level of effectiveness they render.

My liberal friends and my conservative friends need to work on what we can do about the changes in our government. If money to our favorite charity is being cut, let US step up and help cover it. Since when is the Federal Government supposed to be all things to all people. Why are we giving money in taxes so we have NO SAY on how it is spent.

Please focus on OUR journey and enjoy that journey. I know I am starting small, but I am running for city council. Get involved and lets make things work.



Sheep vs Visionary

February 15, 1015

So the Wright brothers were crazy. Steve Jobs was bizarre. The focus of the world is on what is normal. If you are not like everyone else you are either a wacko or under delusion.

(... oooh.. unless you have money! Then you can be a Visionary, but that only happens AFTER you have spent years beating your head against tradition to make something happen while everyone laughs, telling you you're a nut case.)

We sooo have this sheep thing going on! We can ONLY be right if we are in the flock.

Well that looks cool but who else is doing it? Has it already been successful?

Well for PETE SAKES? if it had already been successful than I wouldn't need to try and convince you of the uniqueness of the idea and you won't be the first. You will be, at best, second.

I have a quote I use constantly to comfort my mind at troubled times. As the world is busy banging my head up against all the brick walls I ponder this.

It is from Sherlock Holmes Valley of Fear. I have seen it different in different copies of the book so I am going to just paraphrase what I remember of it, the first time I read it.

Watson came to Sherlock after just closing the door behind the detective. He asked, "Why with all the detectives in Scotland Yard, does only ONE detective come to ask for your assistance?"

Sherlock commented on how fondly he thought of the detective by saying. "Mediocrity knows nothing higher than itself, but intelligence instantly recognizes genius. He is a very intelligent man."

I get to run into some brilliant people once in awhile, through the serendipitous encounters within virtual worlds.

Here was one such encounter filmed to communicate wonderful insight that was rejected because it was inside a cartoon world. The ideas, the people were all wonderful.. but it should NOT be in cartoon.. That is not NORMAL... sigh. Creativity is not suppose to coexist with business facts.

I got to do the intro & write the questions to use for this interview. hehe.. Grady even out did me with the ways he answered them.

You need Flash Player in order to view this.

AgileDimensions interviews IBM's Grady Booch

An important conversation between two advocates of virtual worlds, listen in as AgileBill Krebs and Grady Booch discuss Agile systems and software in this enlightening 11 minute conversation. Using re...

Absolutes are Wrong...Absolutely, LOL

August 22, 2018

There is division in the world.

Your side/my side statements of facts that are absolutes. But are our facts absolutes? Does the division really have to divide us?

I have my guilty pleasures. One of them is occasionally binge watching on Netflix when I find a good show. My latest has been Madam Secretary. (Good show by the way, if not a little bit Cinderella in its ability to get to resolutions within the time frame.)

The thing that grabbed me is Madam Secretary wants "rainbows and unicorns for everyone", but is not shy about being strong and saying no to people, but the clincher was that her husband is a religious ethics professor. Ooooh, we now have a philosophy component in which to examine current events. I'm in love!

The situations presented are complex. There are no total good guys or total bad guys. Everyone is a complex jumble of stories from only their frame of reference. Even the ethics professor is forced to compromise what he considers his absolutes in order to save lives.

What value are these absolutes to human kind? Absolutes allow us the freedom of not having to deal with the wall of our box, which we have created for ourselves. In other words, we have given ourselves permission "Not to Think" past a certain point.

Have you labeled a group of people BAD? That absolute then frees you to not take-in any further information about them or any individual in the group.

Take something simple like "I do not lie." Seems like that would be a safe absolute. Anyone who is a good person should strive for that, right?

So if you are the priest being questioned by the Nazi's as to whether the Trapp family is hiding in your monastery, you should just tell them the truth, right?

Absolutes are dangerous and often wrong. There is no righteousness about saying you're absolute on any topic. You can say. you are absolutely trying to do what you perceive to be right. But then again, is your perception correct?

Where we focus is reality, at least for us. Give leeway to others for their stories and learn to forgive yourself and others for mis-perceptions. Heck, we wouldn't even watch a movie if it did not have hiccups and drama. Can we expect our life to be any less intriguing?

We are all traveling a wonderfully complex intertwining of stories. Keep your walls thin and always seek to understand situations before falling back on the wall of your singular perception.

Am I right?

Enjoy the journey!


Pamala Clift

The Roadside Philosopher

"No" is not Bad!

October 8, 2015

Interesting watching this generation in America, they have never learned to say "NO" or even to hear it.

"No" is a word that is avoided today. You must say things nicely. Beg for your way so that eventually all will come about with a win/win for everyone.

My friend has started teaching again in a school where "No" has never been said. Adults have no power, no authority, no experience, no respect.

"I will tell my Mom." is paraded out in front as parents come running to their child's defense at every perceived inconvenience. The child is always right, because his/her feelings have gotten hurt.

We now have Universities that can't teach, because someone somewhere may hear a word that makes them feel uncomfortable.

No rules are valid but the child's desires.

Where in real life is everything poofy, soft and nice? Why is that expected? We are not preparing this next generation for understanding that life is not cushy and there are consequences. How is that good?

This type of belief causes horrible consequences as children who have never heard anything negative are targeted by a troll online who starts picking on them. They end up committing suicide. They don't know how to deal with negativity. They have no internal scales to judge. No restraints on their emotions, no tools to deal with things.

Parents spend without considering consequences. No savings just debt, turn on water, electricity usage wastefully... A buy and throw away mentality that says MY needs are more important than anyone else, or the environment. A mindset that when we get to the edge will fall off most drastically.

If there is a God, (for which 'evil' is used as proof that their isn't a God in some minds)...there are pluses and minuses. A lion wishes to eat, you are available to be eaten, hence there will be something negative that takes place for someone. Some believe there can't be a God cause something negative happens and label it evil.

Consequences equals if you do X than Y may very well occur, but they are ignored. If you jump off the roof, you most likely will fall and break something, has to be taught. We are giving up our freedom, our ability to make decisive decisions because we are afraid to say no.

Instead we fall into the "Somebody-should-have-protected-me mode." How this has gotten preferential cultural acceptance is truly a mystery. We claim everything is nice and have movies and games that show killing sprees and destruction as a fun hobby. Me is the most important. If I do it, than it is alright. Self indulgences is the focus.

So why is it the gun's fault? I can have what I want, destroy what I want and you're not supposed to tell me no.

Learning NO is imperative! Having respect for those that try to teach you that is vital.

"Tell the maniac to get on the ground", doesn't work in real anymore than it did in the movies. The culture doesn't teach self-restraint.

The other movie quote most often quoted in my mind, "Life is pain, princess. Anyone telling you different is trying to sell you something." That is why we have so much horrible spending on a commodity that does nothing... insurance.

We believe insurance will save us...but anyone with actual claims can tell you otherwise.

Saying NO, is not a bad thing. It puts up boundaries that only you have control over. You can move those boundaries without someone else's validations if you have learned the NO's. Both how to say "No" so you don't take on more than you should do, spend, or indulge. Hearing No from those that say you shouldn't go further in debt, have another drink or leave the lights on is a kindness not a constraint.

Other people's concerns matter, the mess we make in our backyards matter, the debt we create matter, the waste we make for the world matters. Our kindness to others with raising the red flag of NO matters. If you've been across the bridge and it is weak, share the NO with fellow travelers.

No is not bad. It is part of the journey we must take in stride. The journey has black & white, ups & downs.

Enjoy the journey.



How Many Flavors of People?

February 2, 2015

You know how irrational it is when people try to compartmentalize you.

"Oh, you're a yellow person, an INTJ, or you're an introvert."

People try to squeeze you into an easy-to-understand judgemental box, so they can dismiss you or accept you based on an "either/or" decisions tree.

"You are not my religion, or the wrong color, too fat, too skinny" The way people superficially categorize others is a huge problem, especially when you are on the receiving end.

But you scream in your mind, I am MORE than just that one category "Short, tall, Republican, Jewish, a dentist..etc. The fast food mentality focuses on "NO". It is easy to find a reason to dismiss someone as irrelevant, no one takes the time to learn the complexity of an individual.

People come in different flavors and outside superficialities rarely tell the whole story.

Looking for a soulmate is hard if you are not in a superficial, easily discernable category. That has become the bad thing of this modern world's visual communication overload. It has become popular for men to only want thin ladies with the perfect makeup for their arm candy?

In the older days it was considered high society if the woman had meat on her, which meant you were a great provider.

You are not bad because you don't look like the plastic surgery barbie dolls on TV with their team of makeup artists and wardrobes.

You are good. The societal context is fleeting and only in individual cultures. We are big people, short people, curly heads or straight limp hair and all of that is ok. If we buy into the PERFECT, no one will be happy.

Vanilla is pretty & bland looking but almost always acceptable. If you want to be conventional.

However, if you think the spice of life is multiple flavors of people, with multiple perspectives and everything has both value and hiccups than you will open yourself to the wonders of the planet.

Nothing is as wonderful as choices. Don't buy into cookie-cutter ideals. Reach out and try those that are NOT your first visual choice. It is amazing the character of people that are not wasting time squelching who they are, so they can appear like someone else. They usually have personalities and thoughts above just cliches.

Take the path less traveled by and enjoy the journey. 

Hugs, Pam

The Story Motivates!?

January 6, 2016

I may be a little redundant here but like I always say, "We do not live for reality; we live for our fantasies!"

We make up stories to give our lives meaning. Once we have a story it doesn't even matter if it comes true. It becomes who we wish to be.

Here is a picture of Coral Gardens in Homestead, Florida. A man spent his life carving out of the land below him the coral rock in which he crafted a small house, table, clock, and a myriad of very crafty things for the woman he felt would return to him. She didn't.

The motivation was his story, not the reality. He created something of delight and value, based on his story.

I recently attended the Shen Yun 2016 Experience a story recital with classical Chinese dance. It was about the stories from China and the heros that were obviously not real (Monkey King) that taught a precept. The people who dance in this have all taken over a decade to learn every movement. Total devotion to convey a fantasy! Their life has been spent focused on sharing a story. That is who they are. That is what they value. A lovely performance which was beautiful in costuming.

In the US we have joint stories that are morphed to be far bigger than reality and they get solidified into a culture. We have Paul Bunyan and Washington chopping down a cherry tree, etc. etc. None of which are true, but they convey a story of honesty and resilience that gets locked down as a core component for our identity as Americans.

Watching the staging of the presidential candidates as they search for a story to identify with that will resonates with the populace is somewhat entertaining as well. We have lost the belief in our culture. We are cynical over the politicians that lie and change their story with the audience. It almost doesn't matter what they say. The question is; Are they consistent?

We still grasp for the story. We reach for the motivation that resounds within ourselves. Whether it be Star Wars or Frozen, if the story is spun with clarity to a point that means something to us we will embrace that as a part of our identity. It doesn't have to be true.

I would like a more unified fantasy story for humankind, but I don't think it will come about until we have an adversary that is not human. Will that be AI? Aliens? or some morphed vision of a culture that we designate as non-humans?

The stories we hear in the news grants us very little hope. Money grabbing, war mongering, doesn't offer a story that we wish to be identified with. No one wants to be the bad guy, but the bad guys get the most press.

We have no cultural identity. We like being diverse but that dissipates any unity? Do we want the feeling of being a tribe? Can you do it without a universal story? I am trying to write such a tale with the Hiccup Chronicles a whole new viewpoint on reality that may eliminate the divide. That is my story, my purpose now in life...will it come true? Doesn't matter. The Roadside Philosopher offering to the world the solution of perspective that might just make everything alright.

What are your stories? What are the values those stories convey? Have you lived up to that vision?

Enjoy your journey and the stories you create to get you there.



Drone Thrills & Privacy Issues

July 21, 2015

I got my order from Discovery magazine about Drones 360 and I was excited.

How fun to be able to fly visually over anything you wanted, gain new perspective and learn how to fly and run a drone! Wouldn't everyone be jealous and want a chance to run it?

I saw so many uses for them, farming, photography, security, news reports, catastrophes, search and rescue... my mind was reeling. My Geek was showing.

Then I started seeing the vicious attacks on drones. Shooting sprees, hate mail to those that would use them and especially the American government and I had to step back.

Sneaky invasion of privacy. Well privacy is only an illusion anyway but with YouTube and other venues simple biological needs can be truncated and photoshopped into anything and put it out in public. Yuck.

Wait! What if they are going to shoot people both with photography and weapons? I starting reading about the government making small insect like drones to deliver attacks or some such. Wait... *scratches head perplexed trying to remember the biblical stories of my youth*.

Quick Google search brought the chapter in the Bible referring to Revelations 9:4 "Then out of the smoke came locusts upon the earth, and power was given them, as the scorpions of the earth have power. They were told not to hurt the grass of the earth, nor any green thing, nor any tree, but only the men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads. And they were not permitted to kill anyone, but to torment for five months; and their torment was like the torment of a scorpion when it stings a man."

Could these bug like things be a form of drone? Was I becoming a luddite? I saw things from another perspective. These could be great weapons for distributing anthrax, biological attack or a deadly gas and no one would most likely know where it came from.

That is really what is scary, to look up in the sky and see a strange drone above you and not know or be able to find out it's purpose?

So I came upon an idea. Let all drones be a fair mark for the shooters, rams or baseball bats IF... they are not labeled. Meaning every smartphone could have an app that would show when a drone is near, what the drone id is, the owners, and purpose. So at any time you can look at the app and see if there are any registered drones in the air and their path. Planes have to have a flight path registered, if they don't know their path they should be able to send out their id to the app so we can track them.

I would smile if I looked up and saw a drone and the app said it was a special event drone getting distant shots of a wedding party... or pizza delivery drone returning to home. I wouldn't even mind if it was being used as a toy for learning to fly, or litter surveillance.

If they can see us, we should be able to see them. If they refuse to register the drone or can't send an id to a scanning smart phone, then get the guns out boys. Fair is fair.

Technology is jumping ahead by leaps and bounds, lets see if we can get a balance on every new technology before it is put out for the world. Every tool can be used for good or ill we need balance. Definitely living in interesting times.

Enjoy the journey,



Facade or Reality?

September 12, 2015

Glamor Shots use to be a big deal. Get yourself all fixed up, hair teased, sprayed and dressed up and take a picture.

We would look at ourselves and not recognize us. Who is that person in the mirror?

So 45 minutes of drawing on our face, covering our spots, making our eyes bigger, lashes longer, minimizing wrinkles ... and THAT is reality for most women.

We can't seem to go out in public without "putting on our face" Why is that considered Real? Why is that considered right?

Does it mean that we do NOT want reality; we want a story? We want the fairytale story of being beautiful matter how long it takes to dress up reality. It is only proper for a female to make an effort to please others. We have to reach for a visual perfection to be taken as relevant.

Men have a different story they play up on. They want to be seen as macho so they get big trucks, tear their shirts, lift weights to get pumped up to look like the dude on the magazine... OR they let themselves go scruffy as if to say, "See I don't care what I look like." ...but macho dude, you still need a bath.

We keep asking for truth, but keep spending our effort in creating fantasy.

Our politicians give us fantasy because that is what we want to hear. Media creates "reality TV" which is FAR FROM real, because the drama is something we desire to see.

Almost everything in our society that is considered acceptable is window dressing. The core of the truth is never examined if it looks pretty, or as we expect.

I did an experiment one time back in school. I wrote a paper in about 1/2 hour, did almost no research, put no effort into the quality of what was written, but... I put it in a wonderfully decorative high quality paper cover with clear plastic over a highly decorative font all laid out beautifully and typed with lovely spaces.

Guess what? I got an A. The paper was garbage. It doesn't appear to matter. This is what we have become. So when I say, "We do not live for reality; we live for our fantasies." it is not just in virtual that this paradigm exist.

How can we get this to change when we put value on the valueless?

Politics is a bore, since we spend our time realizing it is all for show and have no idea what the candidates really think, or more important who is backing them, controlling the puppet strings. We don't know and don't seem to care. He came in on a pretty helicopter. She is always dressed so nice. He is articulate and speaks lovely.

If we want the world to change we are going to have to change what we expect and what we examine. There actually may be great beauty in that person sitting on the corner in that torn jacket. There might be greater wisdom in the withered grandmother than the PhD in the suit.

If we don't spend effort in digging for gold, we will continue to get fools gold.

Enjoy the journey!



No Time to Think

September 24, 2015

We are modern. We have LOTS to do. We need to time-manage every moment. There are only so many minutes in a day. The river of life doesn't slow down for anyone.

These are the precepts of our life these days. No introspection, no free time (unless it is scheduled and then few know what to do with it).

If I wanted to make people sheep this is exactly what I would do. Make them rush around after false goals. Tell them they are not successful unless every second is managed. Make their so called off times filled with entertainment, music, noise. That way they don't have time to think, to question the status quo.

Hunger games, 1984, Brave New World, Animal Farm all have heroically pointed out the step-by-step method of dominating a society. Propaganda and more regulations should eventually shove everyone into line. We will be controlled.

This is all there is to it:

1. Make entertainers positions of idolizing and the media God.

2. Regulate with insurance, taxes and complex laws every ounce of innovation out of the masses, so only those already in control can survive.

3. Make sure healthcare is controlled so we can decide who lives and who dies.

4. Fill their minds with stuff that means nothing all the time so they have no time to think. (paperwork that no one reads, but is there just in case someone wants to sue or the law says so; noise, closed in spaces, ratings or data so they can believe something is better than something else and they can fill their time chasing erroneous data projections or the almighty dollar which is a fiction as well.)

5. Fill their food with stuff they won't let you know about-Monsanto.

6. Keep the people controlled with the unbridled Family courts that even regulate personal relationships.

It is horrible to think with all the information available out there we still don't think. We don't know how to think. We constantly look to someone else to think. The Pope, president, scientist says... instead of thinking ourselves.

Vacations have to be filled with amusement parks, Vegas, family demands etc. Not once have I heard, I am taking a vacation to go sit on a rock to think. lol

I have watched kids who have been filled with noise and meaningless activity wither in almost pain because they were forced to sit outside and think. It is an unknown activity.

The body is not set up to deal with these constant multiple inputs; so we have sleepless nights as our brain works to defrag the day's events into a cohesive manner it can store in memory. Instead we take pills by-passing memory-saving to the point we don't remember what just happened and wouldn't have the resources for proper introspection anyway.

The Roadside Philosopher's is just a small little organization. Many there have disabilities that prevent them entering the rat race and they actually enjoy examining new viewpoints and thinking. They have time.

How can we grab those moments back? How can we actually live?

Those who succeed tend to be those artistic kooks, who write, philosophize, make music or art. They are those whose inner being will not be denied. They travel a journey most often close-to-poverty just so they can express the being that is them. To show the world wonder or a moment of beauty is all that is required.They enjoy the journey.

Please find time to think and discover your own feelings and thoughts, so you too can enjoy the journey.



To Copy is to Lose!

June 6, 2015

When you imitate another you will always lose. You can never be the same as the original. So the best you can hope for is second place.

We often compare ourselves to others. I am not as strong as he is; or I don't have her beautiful hair. This list goes on and on with things we are not as good as someone else.

But no matter who you compare yourself to, one thing is certain... they will come in second if they try to be you.

You are unique. A huge component of strengths and weaknesses that spin a composite that no one can rightly imitate. There is beauty in that. There is also wonder. Every snowflake is unique. Why is that?

Where do we get this compulsion to be like everyone else? Why does someone else get to dictate how another should be?

Almost everything in the universe has uniqueness. Nothing is exactly like something else. The trees are all different, animals, rocks...I am sure if we were to be able to discern completely the components of insects and molecules there would be uniqueness.

So why is everyone trying to be like...? I need to dress like so & so. I want to be cool and hip like...? You are cool and hip & YOU. Don't follow.

When you interact with someone they hand you the rules, sometimes they do it with their dress. (I am a Dr so you have to treat me like X.) So we take our cues from the mannerisms, dress, and customs of the culture. That is all fine and good when you wish to play someone else's game.

You can never win someone else's game, because THEY have set the rules and will change them so you can't. So play your OWN game. Make up your own rules. Hand off the cues to others so they will treat you the way you wish to be treated. We create our reality. We don't need others to buy into it for it to be our reality. We need to be unique, our fully unique self. One that follows our passions.

If you are a dog totally that. Don't let the "I love soccer" people rain on your parade. We all have different directions our soul takes us, just like water freezes in a snowflake with unique directions. Does that mean we are not a snowflake?

Be your passion. Create your game. If your idea of points is how many licks your dog gives you...and that makes you happy, then that is your game and the points. You don't need to be a speed skater, a great painter, or worse of all... The points are $/money. That means you are competing with the world for points that don't bring you happiness.

There is awesomeness in those that think for themselves. I marvel when I see a person no one else talks to because they don't look the same. I WANT to talk to someone unique. I am drawn to the people who have not taken sheephood as a religion.

Look in the mirror. Marvel at the being that is you. Make you all that your passion and direction wish to be. *wink* I will be looking for you!

Enjoy the journey.



When Preparedness Meets Opportunity... Instant Success?

June 29, 2015

 I was an instant success!

That means they were suddenly brought out of obscurity into the public eye for their expertise.

Did they just develop that expertise overnight? The public eye may have become instantly aware, but the expertise was developed over years and many trial & error struggles.

The railway couldn't have sent their first train to the west, until many things happened: the idea had to be conceptualized, the land surveyed, purchased, people hired and years of effort made to lay tracks. Were there hiccups? Absolutely, problems were there. Many times changes and compensation for errors had to be made. The success came only after all the work was completed. Only then could the train go over the tracks to the targeted destination.

Developing an expertise or a project is lonely. You're trying to do something that hasn't been done before so there is no one to grade you except you when what you envision does or does not solidify. Many can't take that.

People want someone to validate them at every step, hence academia tries to launch self-thinkers by giving them validation with grades and certificates. But many times what they do is just get people into an addiction awaiting fast-food validation. (forever students) A validation that may or may not be valid, because nothing new has been established. The student has just regurgitated back what was already known from another forever student who has spun reality from their vantage point.

Those who get fed up with being told what to do usually leave to create their own reality. Working solo, fighting naysayers, trying to make things workout for the new set of problems that they see. Only after the thought has been envisioned, the research done, the money has been invested, and the years of effort to lay one track after another will the opportunity possibly come for a chance at instant success. lol

So prepare your passion, do your work, don't care if you're not recognized for your labor. Most artist, composers, authors and philosophers are not seen as great until after their death.

What you will get is the fulfillment of engaging your life with your passion. That is the blessing. You are contributing something new to the universe, a viewpoint, a creation that most likely will never go viral...or lead to instant success (which has its own difficulties), but has value. Believe in that.

If you're tired of being just one of the sheep, and have the endurance for the long haul, get started now for your instant success.... possibly decades in the future. lol

Enjoy the journey!



The Roadside Philosopher

Old...or the alternative?

July 15, 2015

Youth rule! That is what today's western culture wish us to believe. The old should do as Scrooge says, die and decrease the surplus population.

That would cure so many of societal ills, if all the old and infirmed would not put such a heavy burden on the rest with Social Security, pensions, and medical needs.

Those near retirement are being fired early and no one wants to hire an elderly person, even if they don't SAY that. They figure you will point out the things they do wrong and they want to be boss. No one should know there is another way of doing things. Keep the peasants dumb.

I watched as they have worked to dumb down the population? It was cool to be an idiot?

I figure somewhere along the line they will taint the flu shots and "poof" problem solved. All of course except the 1% who are in charge of the government and know not to take the flu shots.

I went to a Lakota Sundance the other day and "The Elders" were honored. The young would give you their place in line, move over so you could sit down, help you with your tent. It was an amazing feeling, not just for the elders but to watch the young people serve! They were acknowledging that they were needed! They had value! All the members of the tribe were validated. The youth got their energies focused in worthwhile efforts, and the elders got to tell stories of what they knew to help the young. Wow!

Not now in our culture. Sad really that neither the old or the young feel of value. I would like to see the beginnings of a turn around but not the way things are now. Pretty soon we will have Logan's Run and all that is of value will be to be Renewed!

Someone asked if I could envision the next 40 years? I can't, but it is even harder to visualize the alternative? *smile*

*holds up her hands palms up like a balance* Being Old on one side: Dead on the other. Being Old then doesn't look so bad as the alternative.

It is not a journey that should be predictable but it is a journey to be enjoyed for whatever good you can gleen from what is presented you.



April Fools?

April 1, 2015

We are strange in our approach to our existence.

NO ONE likes to be the fool. No one enjoys being the brunt of a practical joke, but yet we hail the jester that can pull it off?

It is fun to see someone else fall, get scared or embarrassed. Why is that?

The internet holds an extra layer of anonymity that makes it even easier to set someone else up for an untruth. We can create multiple personalities, stories, and attacks and feel it is not is just a joke.

Trolls & griefers have separated themselves in their mind from their actions, because "It was all for a laugh." So the philosophical questions are "Where ARE we? & Where do we begin and end?" The line seems to be drawn in different places.

If we do harm: it wasn't my intention... If we all laugh it was because of me.

I was a professional clown and could play the fool, knowing... I was setting myself up... I was the one pretending to be surprised. People enjoy watching things go awry.

If we were God, having that same propensity, we could look at this existence with greater humor. Existence is always pulling tricks on us. What we think will happen and what does happen, rarely match.

The answer to the confusion is intent. Selfish or generous? Did you put honey on the toilet seat to make them laugh or you? Did you slip the money in their shoe, knowing the surprise would delight both you and them?

Simple rule: Do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.

This April Fools Day enjoy the delight of the absurd and the surprises. Be creative, just be mindful of what you create may go awry. Everyone's perception is different.

Enjoy the journey. Life is too important to take too seriously from our only one perspective. 

Hugs, Pam

Time is Money or Happiness?

April 23, 2015

Most people who buy into the rules of the game look at their time as money. If I work harder, smarter I will get the points of the game...which is money.

With money I can buy the big house (I won't have time to stay in), the big tv (that shows the exact same shows as the little one), the fancy car (that drives the same distance to work as the economical one.) BUT people will look at me as successful!?!

That is apparently the point of the game... other people's approval. That is sad really. Don't the psychologists call that co-dependant?

Time is a gift if you can get outside of the sheep mindset. You don't need to be entertained you need to create, explore, ponder, appreciate, and breath.

I have been relieved of a very stressful unappreciated engagement in a "Time is Money" project. Stuck in an office in a place that is cold, urban, crowded and often smog infested, I chose to do it out of love for a family member. Being relieved of that obligation means I am again free to be my own person. How glorious!

So many ways to now spend the most sought after and limited commodity on this planet...TIME! We are all inhabiting a deteriorating biological unit that comes with an expiration date. Health will also eventually cut into the opportunities, so while it is here, why waste it in doing something that you don't enjoy?

I watch as people who are for some reason homebound end up REALLY living in virtual worlds. What is it that they do in virtual worlds? They are doing the things that make them happy, being creative, learning, meeting people around the world, enjoying music listening or performing. They seek the things that are valuable, which are loyalty, comradeship, courage, and wonder.

What are their circumstances in real? They might live in a little apartment with minimum subsistence income, but are using their time growing.

Don't get me wrong, crazies abound in virtual, it is part of the drama that one has to overcome to make the journey worthwhile, but the people that shine make it worth the venture. (Not to say that people in real are not crazy, they just wear their masks in acceptable societally accepted manners)

I now have several collaborative ventures that I am contemplating.

I could use the lower income as an excellent excuse not to eat so much (working and eating at a desk 10 hours a day is not healthy), or when I do eat make it more of a meaningful experience. I have time not to just put in the hour at the gym sweating but hiking, bike riding, or volunteering. Remember where you put the weight of your engagement is what is of value.

At the end of your life, which we are all getting closer to by the minute... tick tick tick...will you say. "I did this and this and this." or will you say, "I worked for them and them and them." and got nothing of my own to show for my efforts.

Now that I am dating at this age, I ask the guys what have they done with your life? If all they can say is "I got employee of the month!" Ok well that won't do for a philosopher.

Don't be a sheep. Don't play the game. Make your own game with your own success markers. So when it comes time to die on a beach alone and friendless (which thankfully I don't think will happen) it is only me that will decide if I have won the game or not. Only I that can say I ran the good course and be happy when I last close my eyes.

In this economy the promise of security is only a ruse, so be free, be happy and use that amazing commodity of time for you.

Enjoy the Journey.



Solidify Reality with Where You Focus

March 15, 2018

One of the hobbies I enjoy is reading books on Quantum Physics. So many unknowns speculated upon and extrapolations made. You can't help think that philosophy is not dead...just renamed scientific hypotheses. :-)

The illustrious double slit experiment is spun in so many different ways and used to validate new ideas almost daily.

So to again try and explain the outcome of a complex experiment with a truncated definition; "Waves and particles only solidify into reality upon observation!"

I am going to leave it at that for this article. There are tons of resources if you wish to research it, but based on that, I have my own key to understanding reality.

Wherever we focus IS reality. Reality is a program where we choose the subroutines of our existence with our focus.

So if i focus on what I am missing in my life, it is a miserable life. If I focus on the beautiful sunrise and the things I do have, I couldn't be happier.

I am writing the Hiccup Chronicles (will it never and its premise is that we are outside of the universe engaged in a simulation program called our physical existence. (a slowing down of the energy waves so things can be solidified)

The physicists speculate that there are multiple worlds. Which I believe is partly correct. The program of this existence has already been written. We are just exploring all desired subroutines of that program. We possibly are creating and expanding the range of possibilities. How would the butterfly effect of "NOT taking that toy truck away from my younger brother actually affect the entire program of the universe?"

People yell at me quite adamantly when I say you choose your subroutine in the program. "I would NEVER have this problem or this illness or trouble if I had a choice. You must be freaking kidding me!"

Well lets look at the things we enjoy. We like to play games. We like to make artificial rules and then try to see if we can win with those limitations. We workout, take on challenges, create and build things.

If this world WAS just a game or an artificial construct, and we knew we existed elsewhere, then the difficulties we have here would be like moving the game from easy to hard.

If reality is anything we can conceive and we have played this game on easy level, sometimes we will raise the difficulty, lift a heavier weight, run a greater distance.

The interactions of this program only allow us to engage with 5 senses, all of which have been scientifically proven to be foolable, yet we only count those interactions as reality?

There are obviously more senses out there. Animals have all sorts of abilities we do not. (radar, animal-direction sense for migration etc.) So we are limited.

We create measurement tools/math of our own creation and then act as if those are the only definitive truth?

We try to quantify things and make rules saying "Well it works for A, B, C; so if it doesn't work for the rest of the alphabet it must be the "things" that are wrong, not our measuring stick?"

In our digital age we try to put all the rest of the alphabet into an algorithm. It can't be reality if we can't shove it into our self-declared measuring compartments.

If we limit our life to ONLY looking at the measurements of our self-created compartments we will miss a very entertaining existence.

Wonder, philosophizing and enjoying the "not knowing" is the journey.

Focus and slow down on what you WANT to see, experience, choose your subroutines and enjoy the journey.

Hugs, Pam

Stuck in Love Online?

February 16, 2015

Virtual relationships can be excellent support. They can also be invigorating, intriguing, feed our creativity, and put a spring in our step.

However, when your heart is so involved with your love online that you can not extract your feelings for real life engagements, it can feel like prison.

You are a prisoner of a love that doesn't seem plausible that it will ever come to fruition. You can't move forward with your life and you can't live just online, so what can you do?

It is simple for others to say, "Well forget him/her and move on." but it isn't that cut & dried. You owe a lot to your support and love relationship. Your heart doesn't want to lose that solid connection.

So I am going to give you HORRIBLE advice from the guru standpoint, which says, "Be one and whole".

You are on a teeter totter of realities. Your heart is in virtual and you exist in the physical world which HAS to have things taken care of like eating, showering, making a living and laundry.

So you Split your stories. Instead of having virtual be ALL your reality for your heart, you start another story, persona, personal exchange and compartmentalize your virtual love to a strict timed allotment. Your chore is to put step by step more weight on the teeter totter leaning toward your real life explorations of love.

Tell your virtual love of your decision and what steps you have decided to take. If they really love you and they can not join you in real life, then they should understand that you still love them but can't stay solo in virtual.

If they don't understand in time(say a week), you have hooked yourself a drama king/queen and you will have to do a complete severance, since you can't be made to feel guilty for having a physical life.

What can I tell you? It will be painful for both if a complete severance is needed but usually the pain dies down in about two weeks if you focus on something else.

If your online loved one, does truly love you and wishes for your happiness then they might be your greatest source of "gender translation" as they explain the stories you choose to share with them about your biological pursuits.

"Stuck" is a word that only you can change in your mind. You are far more free than you think. You create your reality and if you are not happy with it in either the digital or physical world, it does not make sense to keep doing the same thing.

The journey is yours to pursue. Think about your direction and go forward consciously not compulsively.



Our Second Blog Entry

February 21, 2015

Bad things happen.

You have a disappointment or a biological snafoo and your first and only thought jumps to your worst fear.

You are now using the little amount of positive energy you have toward, What? You are focusing your plot/story toward destruction.

Many of us read novels, biographies and movies, which as a requirement of interest, there is a major hiccup that has to be overcome. If there isn't such a catastrophe there is no reason to read the book, watch the movie or even have bothered with the story, right?

Yet, our first tendency when faced with a staring-up-in-the-face-of-the-paramedic moment is to doom ourselves with, "This is the end!" We wall ourselves into a story that takes in no other possible alternative.

What if WE were the movie? We would watch the character chagrined at their dilemma and wait for the working out of the resolution. We think, "This is bad...or not?"

This is what I would like to add to our dilemmas of life. When a crushing blow hits...acknowledge the OMG moment but add to your thoughts...or not? You will find you can step out of the situation for a moment and see it as a storyline with multiple possibilities. It is now elevated to an "interesting" component of a greater story. This allows yourself to conceptualize other possibilities.

Just that little bit of optimism makes the world of difference. You now have an escape route.

Tons of studies have been done to see what aids in recovery of patients and a positive, purposeful outlook has had the greatest effect. Whether it is religion, family, job, goals or your spirit to persevere, that optimism is the key.

So how much more important is it to have that positive outlook when faced with non-lethal possibilities? Your love left you; you didn't get the job, you lost the house, these are now just components of a greater story which is your life.

The movie of your existence is far more interesting now. So this tragedy is the last blow...OR NOT?

Enjoy the journey! Hugs, Pam

The Vacuum of a Breakup

March 19, 2015

What people are totally unprepared for when a breakup occurs is the vacuum.

Now a spot that has always been filled is gone? That hollow feeling, which repeatedly screams something-is-missing eats away at any resolve that constituted the breakup originally.

Vacuums are uncomfortable. Change is uncomfortable. Being a free ion probably is uncomfortable. Whenever there is a need to break, whether it be with a career choice, a significant other, a geographical location that is loved, anything that we considered ours and part of our identity missing, gives us that hollow feeling.

Some people are so distressed by it that they will return to a bad situation just because it is better than the vacuum they feel inside. Abused women and children have been known to do this, men return to a bad job all because their identity can not stand the vacuum. Their identity has been painfully depleted.

This is when an imagination is important. Create a new you. That image might initially be missing a leg, but it will walk. That hollow inside is very noticeable but you have to remember...Nature abhors a vacuum. Something will come fill it. Be cautious what you let fill it, because usually it is very nearly the same as you escaped.

We often do that. Grab the familiar, and put ourselves in the exact same situation. I do it as well. (gasps)

Vacuums are opportunities to choose again. Remake yourself again. Being comfortable with a vacuum is a difficult thing. I wish I could give you an easy solution, but I can't. Recognize the vacuum. Mourn the lost, and be very choosy as what to let replace it.

Life wouldn't be fun if it were easy, so enjoy the journey.



Our First Blog Entry

January 15, 2018

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Our Second Blog Entry

February 14, 2018

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Focus on the Horizon

February 15, 2015

So you have been laid off... You just got divorced... The children left home... Your health has shifted.. All are challenges with new horizons. We have to shift our focus now, but the key to surviving transition is to 'look up'.

Everything ends in this mortal existence. Whole genres of careers and businesses get outdated. The linear time line of life never stays the same as well, BUT the horizon is still out there.

I became particularly interested in how a shift in focus removes a lot of stress when I was only 16 and taking my driver's ed course. I had never driven while the others in my vehicle had snuck in time behind the wheel.

I was keenly aware of the line on the road. Those little white dashes that divide the road so that you know where you are suppose to drive.

It was HORRIBLE. I would watch each dash so focused on those lines that it was extremely stressful. If I did not predicted a curve in the road and went over the line everyone in the car was also aware of the danger, which added to my stress.

Why was this so hard for me? I was always an A student. I can learn fast but the road always seemed faster.

My instructor knew exactly what to tell me to do. He said simply, "look up and farther ahead"

That did it! No longer was I facing each of those little dashed lines as a constant challenge. I only had to look at the horizon to see the big picture and those little dashes were now something that fell into proper place.

When life keeps coming at you one intimidating white line after another, look up.. ignore the white lines (well put them on the fringe of your vision) and seek the horizon.

The panic leaves.. and you choose your horizon, since no one knows what the future holds pick one pretty and pink and promising and then work toward that.

With technology and life changing economically that is all we can do because none of us can survive if we just watch the white lines sail past.