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Roadside Philosophers: Occupy

Cyber Bullying: ICNN

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Where to buy the book:

Amazon paperback - Which sometimes goes on sale for $10.76 instead of $14.95

The USA Kindle Store for the book - $4.99 or just .99 if you already bought the paperback.

My Store with Publisher- This is where you can buy the book if you are NOT in the USA and don't have an Amazon site within

your country.

Book mentions:

Kickstarter project that got the initial public funds to do this project.

Invited Guest Blog writer: From Kickstarter Project

Blogs advertising support for the book project.

Blog 1 Blog 2 Blog 3 &4 & CNN ireport Blog 6

Independent review of the book by Bertique Virtual Gent

The Commitment Engine Blog by John Jantsch

Amazons Virtual Nirvana

Speaking engagements and interviews.

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Social Media Locations

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Plato's Academy

AView including the video "Observing Inner Wisdom's Delight"

Yet to be Sitcom cartoon called "The Flush Portal"

New World News

Public Relation URL announcements of the Book! (hmmm so just exactly what does Public Relations do..? certainly not read..and why am I all of a sudden a financial thing?)

CBS Money Watch

PR News Channel

Daily Herald Suburban Chicago

Business Insider Clusterstock- is this suppose to be a stock market tip? hehe

Another example of bizarre target marketing. Finance ABC 7 Chicago

The Boston Globe

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