A Few Reviews of

"Virgin's Handbook on Virtual Relationships"

From Amazon US

By kyallh on June 26, 2012

I am twenty six years old, a born and raised Catholic, a world traveler, a Horticulturalist, a landscaper, a mechanic, a bicyclist, a musician and I have spent much time in Island County and the peninsula of Washington during the past few years.

I was given a copy of this book although I do not partake in virtual reality worlds. That being said I was intrigued and began reading this book immediately. In fact, I read this book cover to cover during the course of a few days. This book is a must read for everybody that I know. I have had a Facebook profile since 2006 and I have been immersive, disassociative, and augmentative at times. Once I met a women from Russia on Skype and totally fell in love with her. It did not work out and well, now she will no longer speak with me. Gorsh, this book is filled with so much insight to relationships and the 21st century. Let us face it, we all love to text message. So much is lost in a text that what was really meant may be misconstrued. In this book the differences of the male and female mind are laid out so plainly the reader can use the psychology presented to make better judgments on their lives. I am no fool I did notice that the book had literary errors but it is written in such a characteristic fashion. I make errors from time to time in speech and writing online, doth that mean that all that I am saying is mistaken? Buy this book and read it. It is wonderful and the knowledge presented is exceptionally useful.

By WillLovs2 on June 30, 2012

I've enjoyed hearing Pam's fun presentations in our virtual world, whenever I can. Her insightful & articulate spoken word, relates humorous stories of both real, & virtual relationships, similar to what we've had the chance to observe, as we interviewed folks in our research over

many years..

We can see & identify parallel influences & emotions with what she speaks of in her psychological & philosophical way. I've found also in her book, the enthusiasm she projects as well, when hearing her live... It has given me many angles of analysis to help see things more thorough & faster while we continue our research. Her admirable perception will assuredly assist humanity & our realization for future generations to come, as intellectuals will recognize this research which has reached across into our New "Age Of Aquarius"!! Good Thoughts, Lots of Work!!

By Strawberriesandcream on September 9, 2013

I read the kindle version of this book and found it very entertaining and informative. The author is a pioneer in attempting to understand how people behave on this increasing popular virtual world platform, and she is spot on with her analysis in my opinion. She highlights the pitfalls of online relationships, but also the beneficial insights we can gain into ourselves, as we interact with others in that environment. Non-judgementally, she lays it out, warts and all, as she sees it.

Forewarned is forearmed when stepping into virtual worlds, so this handbook is invaluable. Psychologists and counsellors may learn something from it too. *smile*

By tomdme on September 1, 2012

Regarding Virtual Relations: Before I read this book, I knew nothing about the feelings I was having regarding my virtual friends; after reading this brilliant work I have learned so much about my virtual world and myself. Buy This Book. You Won't Regret It.

From the UK Amazon

By Mr. D. Lambert (South Hertfordshire, England)

Virtual relationships are considered by many as "not real" or "imaginary" and something that one can "just turn the computer off" to escape, but to those who have become unexpectedly deeply involved with someone that they have met on-line, perhaps in a virtual world, the suggestion that the off switch also turns feelings off will seem incomprehensible.

In this book Pamala Clift has covered quite a few aspects of living in-world and also the relationships both on and off-line, and also highlighted some important differences and pitfalls. She discusses three fundamental approaches to virtual worlds and gaming, describing them as immersive, augmentative and disassociative and highlights the differences between them, e.g. (in a very rough nutshell) really -being- there, doing things there, or just treating it as a game, and how for instance an immersive person can be hurt horribly (and perhaps innocently) by the actions of the disassociative who treats the virtual world simply as a game to have fun in. The book goes into much greater depth about the inter-relation, the differences and how to understand them, and also what the positive aspects and pitfalls are for each of these modes of virtual presence.

Pamala also discusses real life and virtual life relationships and describes how understanding in one world can be just as applicable in the other. She also discusses in some depth the differences in approaches for different genders and how virtual worlds can bring a new set of challenges to forming healthy relationships.

I really have done very little justice to this book in this rather short review so I'll finish by saying that anyone who considers using virtual worlds for self discovery or for things such as on-line conferencing, staff training or other interactions, should read this book as a good introduction to what is already a complex alternative environment of human interaction, one that has its own pace of time and rules of etiquette and reality.

A fascinating and informative read for anyone interested in the psychology of virtual worlds or who offer counselling to computer and sms literate generations.

By Fiona "Fiona" (UK)

I would recommend this book to all who are in virtual worlds. This book is a map of how to get from A to Z without making major mistakes where practicalities and relationships are concerned. Thank you Pamala Clift!