Testimonials for Pamala Clift -aka Patricia Murphy

Business Interface:

“Patricia is an excellent organizer and facilitator. She is well versed in virtual technologies. She conducts events and provides outstanding presentations and with great insight.”

April 29, 2011 Tom Starai, Chair of P1828 Working Group, IEEE Standards

worked with Patricia at Virtual Handhold, LLC


“We were introduced virtually through mutual business partners and have found success in all areas of interaction and virtual experiences. Patricia and her facilitatoin skills have become an integral part of our elearning experience. Our students are brought into the environment prior to the class and pressure of the learning process. From design of the virtual space to the orientation and introduction of each of our students, she proves her value time and again.

Whether you are managing clients, customers, employees, or you are looking to enrich your understanding of another's context, you have found the personality I choose everytime. It's my pleasure to introduce and recommend Ms. Patricia Murphy for all of your online facilitation.” April 28, 2011Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Scotty Bevill, Bevill Edge

hired Patricia as a Facilitator in 2011, and hired Patricia more than once


“Patricia was instrantlyl striking for insight, creativity, people skill, and a drive to execute. I wisely engaged her to work on learning spaces for my online teaching. The designs she crafted now serve as cornerstones of our learning offerings. She is also skilled at machinima and has created key message material for us.

The original reason I: brought her in was for her top notice facilitation skills. We have found these useful over and over. Don't be fooled by ability to serve - she is also leader material.” January 12, 2011

AgileBill Krebs, Principal, Agile Dimensions, LLC.

worked directly with Patricia at Agile Dimensions, LLC.


“A stellar resource in the world of communications and computers, Patricia was able to quickly and efficiently bring me up to speed in a highly technical and non-intuitive computer environment with a proprietary interface. Patricia, quite simply, rocks!” April 22, 2008

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Creative

James Aaron Glass,

hired Patricia as a IT Consultant in 2006


Education Research Interface:

“To complete my dissertation at Washington State University I needed Second Life spaces designed in specific ways for data collection. I initially looked out on the Internet to hire a designer but then met Patricia at an SL meeting on campus and learned of her skills. Patricia turned out to have fantastic skills which well surpassed those of the folks I was planning to hire and was also a quick study so she was able to help not only in building spaces in SL but also with the research design. In the end I had amazing spaces that allowed me to complete my research and Patricia and I coauthored a paper at the Americas Conference on Information Systems (AMCIS) from the experience.”

April 28, 2011 Ron Pike,