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Human/Computer Interface Psychology for Interpersonal Relationships

(Love Online)

Whether it is a Facebook, WOW, IMVU, Second Life, or any social network contact or gaming relationship, using avatars or text, long distance relationships and perceptions online can be mixed with reality and fiction that often times needs sorting.

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The emotions of pain or jubilance are felt in a virtual relationship just as vividly as the emotions from real-life contacts. Are they not then real?

Here is where you can come to contact someone who understands the complexities of feelings thru computer mediated communication.

You won't get chastised by an unknowing, so-called professional that will smirk when you tell them of your troubles or confusion.

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Pamala Clift is gentle and calming with more than 6 years of experience assisting virtual relationships.

Working with professors and graduate studies guiding research endeavours she has learned more by being on the forefront of this technology stumbling as fast or faster, sorting truth from fiction.

Make an appointment for a Skype session for $30 per hour. Either solo or as an internet couple for counseling or assistance. Total confidentiality kept. Pay for an appointment and include email contact and a time will be arranged. Or contact by email first:

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With over 7 years experience, a company and a book out in over a dozen countries Pamala Clift is the online virtual relationships expert that will help gently sort out plausible truth from fiction.

Here are some the blog posts that may help now with your relationships.

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"Online ARMOR-Keep it up!"

The State of Being Lecture is the presentation of engagement levels and how to discern at what level the one you are engaging may be

while online.

Pamala Clift did not learn all of her insights from just her own experiences but with the influx and open sharing of thoughts and perceptions from her group The Roadside Philosophers. A wonderful world wide group of thinkers that examine perceptions virtually. In all of philosophical history this is the first time that we have had a virtual world to use as a metaphor in our search for truth.